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Cycle Etiquette

Training for the cycling component of triathlon has the potential to be hazardous. The Ipswich Triathlon Club wants to ensure a safe training environment for all members to enjoy. Below are are some etiquette “rules” to keep in mind when training/riding in a bunch.

  • Head Position: Look forward not down
  • Ride beside partner (no ½ wheel)
  • Keep behind the wheel in front
  • Use a single hand in the center of bars when indicating or drinking
  • Point and call for obstructions e.g. pot hole, glass, debris etc
  • Keep off aero/ time trial bars in bunch
  • Wear protective and high visibility equipment


Cycle Hygiene

To benefit you and the people you have your coffee with after.

  • Nicks

Chamois are designed to touch skin, it eliminates friction so don’t wear underpants when riding

Get out of sweaty nicks ASAP after rides

  • Water bottle

Sanitize regularily

  • Saddle Sores

Invest in a personal  product to prevent friction sores

Have your bike seat fitted for your size pelvis

  • Gloves, helmet, bike

Wash gloves, helmet, bike regularly

  • Bike shoes

Spray with deodoriser, let air out when wet







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